IMT Nord Europe, a welcoming campus for international students

At IMT Nord Europe we welcome students from all over the world. Our school is committed to facilitating ease of adjustment for new students with support services for international students and ample resources on campus.
Students are encouraged to actively take part in the community life on campus and broaden their cultural and social horizons.

How to join us?

IMT Nord Europe offers courses entirely taught in English and also courses mainly taught in French.

Courses taught in French are open to international francophone students or students having at least a B2 level in French. Then, you can follow 3 programs:

The academic exchange program

You can join this program if you study in a university that has an exchange agreement with IMT Nord Europe

After being selected by your home university, you will be able to stay one semester at IMT Nord Europe choosing courses individually. You will pay your registration fee at your home university, which will validate the courses taken in IMT Nord Europe.

For further information, please contact us.

The degree program

The 5 year program: You can join IMT Nord Europe following high school completion. After 5 years of studies, you are awarded with an engineer diploma of IMT Nord Europe, equivalent to a Master’s degree.

The Graduate program (2 years): Holding an undergraduate degree, you can enroll at IMT Nord Europe and obtain the engineer diploma in 2 years, equivalent to a Master’s degree.

In both cases, the process of admission is carried out by IMT Nord Europe. The selection is based on qualifications and interview. More information

The dual degree program

Under a specific agreement, endorsed by the boards of both institutions, the dual degree is a double course whose objectives are the national diplomas in both countries.

The dual degree experience is a path to opening minds, adaptability, creativity, which are essential in international engineers thinking processes. This training offers, in terms of jobs, salaries and career, very interesting perspectives. The dual degree also aims to give you a good knowledge of language of the partner country and to develop intercutural skills.

However, you must be aware that the mobility scheme varies according to the partner institution and that you must attend the same classes as IMT Nord Europe students during your mobility at IMT Nord Europe.

You can only apply for a Double Degree mobility if your institution has signed a Double Degree Agreement (DD) with IMT Nord Europe.

The admission procedure is carried out by the home university through qualifications and interview. More information.

International Handbook

We know coming in an international school may be quite a stressful experience. That’s why we made up this International Handbook especially for you. In this handbook you will find all the information you need to enjoy your stay at IMT Nord Europe.

I really enjoyed this semester, which enabled me to broaden my vision of the world. The courses I took here were really good and particularly interesting. I discovered some new areas such as Supply Chain Management, for example, and really enjoyed this. It was a very rewarding and revealing experience!
Universidade Federal de Goias

Our range of courses totally taught in English

MSc Advanced Design and Management of Durable Constructions

With technological developments and growing concerns about sustainability, the landscape of the construction industry is undergoing a major transformation. Companies can no longer ignore the impact of their activities on the environment, and the integration of sustainable development is becoming…

MSc Eco-design and Advanced Composite Structures

In a context of industrial transformation, composite materials are emerging as a driving force, providing innovative solutions. Their lightness, exceptional strength and adaptability are revolutionizing not only product design, but also manufacturing processes. From aerospace to automotive, from energy to…

MSc in Design and Management of the Industry 4.0

The industrial sector is constantly evolving, with ongoing technological and digital innovations radically transforming the way companies operate. In the era of Industry 4.0, IMT Nord Europe trains expert engineers in Lean Digital to optimize process improvement using new technologies.…

Semester in Composites Materials

IMT Nord Europe has developed a range of programs provided in English. International students get the opportunity to study semesters totally taught in English.

Specific program for undergraduate international students

Since 2019, IMT Nord Europe has developed a post-baccalaureate training program specifically designed for international students.

Before entering IMT Nord Europe at an undergraduate level leading to the award of the Engineering diploma, you are selected on the basis of an exam and an interview. Then, you spend a year in Paris in order to participate in a linguistic and cultural training from Quantum Pathway Academy, a partner of IMT Nord Europe. During this training, you improve your skills in French to achieve a B2 level, develop intercultural skills and acquire methodological competences applied in the French higher education system.

When you arrive at IMT Nord Europe, an individualised follow-up is established by the members of the Department of International Relations to facilitate your integration and ensure your well-being.


IMT Nord Europe doesn’t provide specific scholarships for international students, nonetheless, students under the ERASMUS + project set up with Institut Mines Telecom, Vietnam and Indonesia have the possibility to apply for a grant. Please contact us for further information.

IMT Nord Europe can submit an application for an EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship on behalf of foreign students of excellence coming to obtain either the IMT Nord Europe Engineering degree (Master’s level), or a doctoral degree. The selection of applications is based on academic criteria.

Other scholarships can be proposed by the states, local authorities, companies, private and community foundations according to the student’s profile. For more information, please visit Campus France website.

3D Build Summer School

IMT Nord Europe participates in the France excellence summer school program with the creation of the 3D Build summer school. This summer school is jointly organized by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de paysage of Lille and the International Academy.

The 3D BUILD France Excellence Summer School is at the crossroads of robotics, architecture and engineering. Based on a unique educational model, it is naturally open to Masters’ students coming from different fields of study who will benefit from a high-end coaching in prototyping.

This program titled “Additive Manufacturing of Complex Shapes for Construction” is composed of a scientific training entirely taught in English and a linguistic and cultural training taught in both French and English.

Because of the global health crisis, the next 3D Build school will be postponed for some months and will take place in winter in November/December 2021.

International Academy

The International Academy is the summer university for international higher education & research publics in the Hauts-de-France region.

It fosters integration and interactive exchange between students worldwide from various disciplines, offering not only exciting teachings but also welcome services, administrative support and insight into educational integration.

As an international student of IMT Nord Europe, you can benefit from this full linguistic, cultural and academic preparation in line with your fields of study. Thanks to this linguistic training, you can achieve the required level in French (B2).


Laurent Baudry
International programmes manager


+33 3 27 71 20 54