Your well-being while you study at IMT Nord Europe is also thanks to a catering service that is both practical and high-quality, regardless of the site on which you are.

As an engineering student on the IMT Nord Europe campus, a college canteen is made available to you, located at the Lavoisier halls of residence. It works on a self-service basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week. For €160 per month for full board 5 days a week, you will be served fresh and local products, cooked on site.

On weekends, kitchens are made available to students residing at the Maison des Élèves. You also have the option of organising occasional events (Chinese New Year, cooking competitions…) at the restaurant.

You also have access to resto’Us and cafés on the University of Lille campus:

The catering service is very varied with a classic option (meal tray), pasta bar and sandwich counter. Apart from some exceptions specific to each resto’U, they are open for lunch and dinner every day of the week. A single price of €3.20 is charged to your student card.