Enrich your expertise with IMT Nord Europe's Continuing Education engineering programs.

Explore new opportunities with IMT Nord Europe’s Continuing Education programs. Designed to meet the emerging challenges of the engineering world, these continuing education engineering programs focus on the acquisition and application of practical knowledge, enabling graduates to contribute to both their own career development and the global evolution of their industry.

Engineering training through continuing education

General engineering through continuing education

The IMT Nord Europe “Ingénieur Généraliste” Continuing Education program is part of an approach designed to prepare professionals to become versatile and strategic players, capable of meeting the complex challenges of the 21st century. In practice, it enables French or…

Industrial Engineering

Welcome to Industry 4.0! A new world in which the overall performance of companies is optimised through the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems. The IMT Nord Europe industrial engineering degree prepares you for all this and is accessed…

Specialized engineer in plastics and composite materials

Develop your expertise in plastics and composite materials, particularly sought after in this high-tech industry. These 3 years of training at IMT Nord Europe will reconcile your theoretical knowledge and practical skills and give you a 5-year degree, accessible through…

Specialized engineer in power engineering

If you’re interested in this course, you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of energy issues for our planet and its inhabitants. Innovation is particularly dynamic in this sector, and IMT Nord Europe is preparing you for it with this bac…

Telecommunications and IT engineer through continuing education

In an environment where information and communication technologies are rapidly evolving and essential to all businesses, IMT Nord Europe is committed to training professionals capable of creating value through in-depth knowledge and understanding of information and communication sciences and technologies.…

At the end of the programs, trainees have the same CTI-accredited diploma as IMT Nord Europe students who have completed the initial or apprenticeship programs, and are therefore entitled to the title of engineer.

Recognized expertise

More than 1,000 professionals have been trained by IMT Nord Europe over the last few decades, highlighting its expertise and constant concern to adapt skills to market trends.

Multi-sector professionals

IMT Nord Europe creates an immersive atmosphere in its continuing education courses, where lecturers and participants, all from the professional world, interact to foster an in-depth understanding of current issues.