In the last year of the engineering course (5-year degree), students have the opportunity to sign a professional training contract with a company. This experience of being an employee consolidates their training. This then gives the company an operational engineer trained in company methods.

Principle of the professional contract

The student in the final year of the engineering course undertakes a supervised project for and by the company to be defined between the school and the company. The project will be assessed by a panel on which the company will sit. The student then completes their end of course project in the same company over an uninterrupted period of 6 months (March to the end of August inclusive) during which they can be entrusted with a large-scale project or assignment. This scheme covers all teaching specialisms. 

The framework of the contract

Created by the law of 4 May 2004 on lifelong vocational training, the professional training contract aims to give young people aged 16 to 25 and job seekers over 26 professional experience by giving them a qualification through work-study training and personalised support. The company is then a stakeholder in the training that forms part of the degree

The cost of a professional contract

  • The company contributes up to €5,300 of the educational costs for the entire year under contract.
  • The student is employed at a minimum level of 80% of the minimum wage during their last year of schooling.


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