Good ideas deserve to be developed. Why wait for professional life? From your engineering training, IMT Nord Europe supports your entrepreneurship project with a dedicated structure and a bespoke student-entrepreneur pathway.

The creation of innovative companies

The APUI incubator is an integral part of IMT Nord Europe. It is aimed at anyone who wants to create a company that prioritises technological innovation in the fields of energy, eco-technologies and sustainable development. It facilitates the stages of business creation, both technically and for the establishment of a business plan (commercial, economic, financial, legal, intellectual property aspects, etc.) and for the necessary research into industrial and financial contact people.

Resources that match ambitions

Project leaders have at their disposal:

  • personalised follow-up provided by the incubator team with access to the various institutional, economic and interpersonal mechanisms;
  • all of IMT Nord Europe’s technical and documentary resources (assistance from the Research Centre and technical services, support for engineering students from the School and students from the University of Valenciennes);
  • logistical resources: offices, training and meeting rooms, secretariat, IT and communication resources;
  • tailor-made training and advice, knowing that the general or technical training provided by IMT Nord Europe and its partners is also open to them;
  • different sources of project funding.

Join the incubator

Interested? So get started! If your admission file is accepted, you will be invited to meet a committee bringing together the technical, economic and financial skills internal and external to IMT Nord Europe (BPI France, Departmental Council of the North, network of beehives, DIRECCTE, CCI of Douai…). What will make the difference: the technico-economic aspect, the technical and managerial skills of the leader or the team, the added value of the various laboratories of the school. You did it, well done! Welcome to the incubator, for a six month period, extendible up to a limit of 23 months, upon agreement.


Martine PIOLE
APUI incubator
03 27 71 21 42