For more than 20 years, IMT Nord Europe’s expertise in training programmes and its proximity to companies has served an educational support service adapted to a salaried cohort. Thanks to this, Lifelong Learning plays a concrete role in a partnership approach that is adapted to needs.

Blended learning

IMT Nord Europe offers continuous training in blended learning. This work-study programme combining face-to-face and distance learning promotes interactivity and brings together training, and a professional and social life. It responds to the digital transformation challenges faced by companies and new working methods of employees. Our key success factors: managing technical infrastructures and distance learning processes adapted to training for companies, reliability of training systems, educational support dedicated to a salaried cohort as well as the management of one’s time.

Educational innovation

Educational innovation assists continuous training students with their skills development: work-based training activity (AFEST), training programmes using a skills-based approach, flipped classroom, MOOC, serious games, etc. The diversity of teaching methods and learning materials (videos, e-learning, wikis, activities, simulators, podcasts, etc.) enable each student to find the ones that suit them best.

4 lifelong training formats

IMT Nord Europe’s training offer comes in 4 formats adapted to the different needs of companies.


Engineering training through Continuous Training

Become an engineer through continuous training

The engineering degree from IMT Nord Europe is available to you through continuous training leading to a degree. It is intended for senior French or foreign technicians holding a scientific or technical 2-year diploma and with at least 3 years…

Telecommunications and IT engineer

Train your senior technicians in the profession of telecommunications and IT engineering. In 20 years, more than 1,000 employees have obtained IMT Nord Europe’s continuous training degree. Created with blended learning (face-to-face and distance learning), it allows professionals to remain…

Executive training

Artificial intelligence management

Born in the 1950s and rapidly emerging since the 2010s with big data, artificial intelligence is part of the future. IMT Nord Europe’s continuous training gives you the skills you need to become a project manager in artificial intelligence. Ultimately,…


Companies and organizations involved in the valorization of alternative materials have expressed their need for qualified staff specialized in the circular economy, recycling and valorization. They have formalized their skill requirements to address emerging issues in sustainable materials recycling and…

MS Cybersecurity Engineering

Cybercrime regularly makes the headlines and is on the rise. The consequences of this can be dramatic and cybersecurity-related jobs are increasing in number to protect us from it. To be an expert in the field a dedicated training course…

MS Occupational and technological risk management

The general context of the tightening of industrial risk management, with the implementation of PPRTs (Technological Risk Prevention Plan), as well as increased vigilance regarding the exposure of workers call for the training of specialists in the subject. Engineers must…

MS Positive Energy Building (BE+)

Energy and renewable energies are at the heart of economic and more broadly societal challenges, particularly with regard to sustainable development. To meet these future challenges, we need engineers with both technical and managerial skills. The specialised master’s degree in…

MS Products and processes of the concrete industry

The concrete industry has a turnover of 31 billion euros in Europe (excluding VAT) and has 8,000 factories employing over 210,000 people. In France it represents 634 companies and 906 centres producing 32 million tonnes of products each year. Of…


Skills blocks

Your company and its employees are constantly evolving. To meet everyone’s needs, IMT Nord Europe provides tailor-made training courses. These skills blocks lead to a qualification and are recognised by the State.


Future focus excellence seminars

Learn about major innovations thanks to the Future Focus excellence seminars. The themes selected meet the business needs of manufacturers to support them in their transformations and meet current skills development needs, such as “DevOps”, “Smarcities”, “Air and odours”.

Allow your employees to develop their skills with completely adapted business modules in collaboration with your HR personnel.  IMT Nord Europe provides its expertise to enable executives and technicians to update or improve their skills in 3 areas: Digital systems, Energy and environment, Materials and processes