Specialized engineer in power engineering

If you’re interested in this course, you’re undoubtedly aware of the importance of energy issues for our planet and its inhabitants. Innovation is particularly dynamic in this sector, and IMT Nord Europe is preparing you for it with this bac + 5 diploma in energy engineering, accredited by the CTI and available through continuing education or apprenticeship.

A source of jobs

Engineers have a major role to play in the production, transport, management and use of energy. Their skills must be technical, scientific and managerial. All in a necessarily multidisciplinary context. The booming profession of energy efficiency engineer, for example, aims to reduce energy consumption and develop renewable energies in buildings.

Practical training

The apprenticeship alternates between IMT Nord Europe and the host company. On the one hand, you will be supervised by a tutor, a teacher from the school, who ensures a permanent, formalized relationship with the apprentice and the apprenticeship master. The latter, an experienced company executive, will organize and monitor your work. The content of the assignments and the skills assessment agreed between you and the company are validated by IMT Nord Europe.

Academic training

The energy engineering curriculum provides you with all the scientific, technical and cross-disciplinary skills you need. At the same time, immersion in the company enables you to put all this knowledge into practice, so that you’ll be up and running in no time:

  • master the scientific and technical tools of the engineer;
  • manage complex corporate projects
  • work in an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural context;
  • master energy and thermal calculation methods;
  • design and implement energy efficiency solutions;
  • design and operate energy production and transmission facilities;
  • manage energy in a context of sustainable development.

The curriculum

The course covers the full range of knowledge and skills needed to become an energy engineer. A total of 1,800 hours are planned:

  • 1,178 hours dedicated to the general engineering curriculum
    – scientific foundation
    – engineering sciences
    – industrial organization
    – project management
    – human sciences
    – interculturality and modern languages
  •  622 hours devoted to the specificities of this field of study
    – fundamental energy sciences
    – modeling and management of energy systems
    – implementation of energy sources
    – energy management and sustainable development


To be in with a chance of joining this training program, you’ll need to follow 4 steps:

  • Submit your application here between February 1, 2024 and March 12, 2024. The application fee is €77 for the 1st course applied for, and €22 for each additional course (€22 and €11 respectively for scholarship holders).
  • If you are selected by the pre-selection jury (results by April 2, 2024), you will be invited from April 11 to 16, 2024 to take tests and attend a motivation interview at IMT Nord Europe.
  • The list of eligible apprenticeship candidates will be issued by a jury no later than April 24, 2024.
  • All that remains is for you to sign an apprenticeship contract with a company, which is equivalent to final admission.

To ensure fairness between candidates, the tests are designed to give no advantage to any particular profile. There are no registration fees for apprentices, once the apprenticeship contract has been signed.

It is also possible to join the program as a continuing education student, subject to the following prerequisites:

  • Hold a degree of Bac +4 or higher in the field.
  • Holders of a validated Bac +2/3 with a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience in the field may be admitted via a Validation des Acquis Professionnels (VAP) after having put together a specific file that takes into account the scientific and technical skills acquired through professional experience.

To obtain the diploma, trainees must demonstrate a sufficient level of English (TOEIC 605 points minimum) at the end of the course.

Located at the heart of the Dunkirk campus (Euraénergie)

IMT Nord Europe’s energy engineering training takes place as close as possible to the realities of the sector and its innovations: at Euraénergie. This site of excellence, based in Dunkirk, embodies the desire to promote strong economic development as part of the third industrial revolution, and to develop the renewable energies and energy efficiency sector. To achieve these ambitious goals, Euraénergie’s strength lies in its network of partners: universities, laboratories, start-ups, major industrial and energy companies…


2508 route de l’écluse Trystram
59140 Dunkerque

Information for applicants

For more information, see the notice for eligible candidates: here.

> The results of the final eligibility jury will be announced no later than the week of April 24, 2024.


Suzie, apprentice engineer in energy engineering