With a combination of nervous apprehension and fascination, artificial intelligence is profoundly disrupting today’s world. Its fields of application are extremely wide and includes such things as predictive maintenance in industry, the development of autonomous vehicles, the optimisation of production means for manufacturing, etc. It consists of implementing a number of techniques aimed at enabling machines to imitate a form of real intelligence.

New skills

Artificial intelligence is actually already almost mainstream. The question is therefore not about being for or against it but rather understanding how to put it to good use. Doing this calls on new skills and emerging professions to harness the power of machine learning, deep learning and all their associated technologies.

Specialisation and knowledge

At IMT Nord Europe, the general engineering training allows students to specialise in the field of artificial intelligence, to have a stake in this paradigm shift. It takes on its full meaning in the fields of digital education and industries and services, but also in contact with researchers from the Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Digital Systems. 

Our artificial intelligence trainings

Artificial intelligence management

Born in the 1950s and rapidly emerging since the 2010s with big data, artificial intelligence is part of the future. IMT Nord Europe’s continuous training gives you the skills you need to become a project manager in artificial intelligence. Ultimately,…

Become an engineer through continuous training

The engineering degree from IMT Nord Europe is available to you through continuous training leading to a degree. It is intended for senior French or foreign technicians holding a scientific or technical 2-year diploma and with at least 3 years…

Future focus excellence seminars

Learn about major innovations thanks to the Future Focus excellence seminars. The themes selected meet the business needs of manufacturers to support them in their transformations and meet current skills development needs, such as “DevOps”, “Smarcities”, “Air and odours”.

General engineering

You are interested in the engineering degree and it’s a good choice. The profession is at the heart of the major industrial, environmental and societal challenges of our world. The general engineering course allows you to meet these challenges and…

MS Cybersecurity Engineering

Cybercrime regularly makes the headlines and is on the rise. The consequences of this can be dramatic and cybersecurity-related jobs are increasing in number to protect us from it. To be an expert in the field a dedicated training course…


A PhD is the highest degree awarded at the university and carries international recognition. Training and a degree that represent a major asset for companies, both private and public, with profiles dedicated to research and innovation.

Skills blocks

Your company and its employees are constantly evolving. To meet everyone’s needs, IMT Nord Europe provides tailor-made training courses. These skills blocks lead to a qualification and are recognised by the State.

Telecommunications and IT

Imagine a world where the telecommunications and IT systems are down. Unthinkable. This is why the engineering profession plays such a vital role in this sector. This 5-year degree from IMT Nord Europe, accessible through continuing training or an apprenticeship,…

Telecommunications and IT engineer

Train your senior technicians in the profession of telecommunications and IT engineering. In 20 years, more than 1,000 employees have obtained IMT Nord Europe’s continuous training degree. Created with blended learning (face-to-face and distance learning), it allows professionals to remain…