At the foundation of any project, is an ambition. Ours is to design a new model for a major public engineering school, serving the economy and businesses, with an international perspective and shared values of excellence, integrity and humanism.
An ambition that is completely summed up in a new signature: I’M Tomorrow.

A strong strategy

IMT Nord Europe’s strategy is based on 5 main areas in step with today’s societal and economic challenges: 

  • A team committed to the renowned IMT Nord Europe brand;
  • World-class research;
  • High level training, innovative and attractive, especially internationally;
  • A position of essential stakeholder at the service of companies and territories;
  • A proven position as the most digitally-focused engineering school in the region.

I’M Tomorrow

The development of IMT Nord Europe centres on the achievement of the I’M Tomorrow project. While remaining faithful to the history of our school, it stimulates the emergence of the engineers of tomorrow: “More than just a name, I’M Tomorrow is the expression of our resolute and committed strategy to bring the new generation of engineers into the reality of the new economic, ecological and technological challenges of our time”, Alain Schmitt, Director of IMT Nord Europe, tells us. 

To train students to evolve in a changing context and a constantly changing environment, IMT Nord Europe adapts its teaching and operating methods and trains its teams in new ways of working “Our teaching is innovative by its very nature since it is based on scientific research, using teachers from the business and academic worlds and supported by a team entirely dedicated to innovative teaching styles”, explains the Director of the school.

Efficient, agile and integrated processes, new methods and strong international development: IMT Nord Europe believes that its international perspective that focuses on the world’s changes and opportunities creates the best environment to ensure that its students play a leading part in tomorrow’s world.

An international Graduate School

Our world is a village, we are its citizens. We are partners with more than 100 schools and foreign universities, and definitely open to the world; internationality is an essential part of our training, our research and our identity.

As a participant of the Erasmus+ program, IMT Nord Europe aims at reinforcing its territorial anchoring in the Euroregion by means of an ambitious international strategy. We are offering our students the possibility of going abroad throughout their studies thanks to internships, academic semesters or even through double-degree programme with one of our partner schools and universities.

We ensure that our students are particularly well prepared for intercultural learning and language practice, thanks to a dedicated team, expert in international management. Our staff is mobilized in creative and innovative pedagogy and the Erasmus+ program fosters its involvement in transnational cooperation projects.