Artificial intelligence management

Born in the 1950s and rapidly emerging since the 2010s with big data, artificial intelligence is part of the future. IMT Nord Europe’s continuous training gives you the skills you need to become a project manager in artificial intelligence. Ultimately, you will be able to lead the operational management of projects with specificities in artificial intelligence, from the analysis of the requirement through to change management support.

Certification created within the framework of an Artificial Intelligence EDEC supported by AKTO and MEDEF Lille Métropole with the support of the DGEFP.


  • Analysis of the customer needs and understanding of the issues
  • AI opportunity study
  • Management of the technical realisation of the AI project
  • AI project communication strategy
  • Managing the change driven by AI
  • Knowledge management and professional monitoring



  • The fundamentals of AI for the project manager
  • AI engineering and infrastructure
  • Security and AI
  • AI close-ups (deep learning and vision, AI and industrial performance, decision-making support and simulation, natural language processing)
  • Project
  • Legal aspects and AI
  • Knowledge management
  • Monitoring methods and tools
  • Communication and change management
  • Project management

Teaching methods

The training in artificial intelligence provides for individualised support over 200 hours in 5 months. It combines face-to-face and remote learning for an effortless pursuit of your professional activity with:

  • e-learning modules and one virtual class per week;
  • 3 days of face-to-face per month;
  • case studies and projects


To enrol on this training, you need a 4-year degree in the IT field or a Validation of Professional Acquisitions (VAP). The cost is €9,000 before tax.


Marie-Françoise DEBEUNNE

06 01 91 77 05