Today, Civil engineering is facing major challenges. In addition to its main remit of designing and building the infrastructure necessary for well-being and economic development (housing, industrial sites, roads, water supply, sanitation, energy delivery), expertise must also be mindful to impact positively on the environment by preserving natural resources, improving construction techniques and structural performance, waste management, etc.

Top class training

Civil engineering in France represents 8% of GDP, 7% of assets, 3 large groups in the Top 10 construction groups worldwide and more than 650,000 companies. At IMT Nord Europe, several top class training courses are offered in this field through the general engineer training cycle, apprenticeship engineer or specialised masters courses.

Our civil engineering trainings

Civil engineering and railway systems

Put your career on the right track with the 5-year degree in civil engineering and railway systems from IMT Nord Europe, available through continuing education or an apprenticeship. A mode of transport that is bringing innovation to meet the ecological,…

Future focus excellence seminars

Learn about major innovations thanks to the Future Focus excellence seminars. The themes selected meet the business needs of manufacturers to support them in their transformations and meet current skills development needs, such as “DevOps”, “Smarcities”, “Air and odours”.

General engineering

You are interested in the engineering degree and it’s a good choice. The profession is at the heart of the major industrial, environmental and societal challenges of our world. The general engineering course allows you to meet these challenges and…

General engineering through continuing education

The IMT Nord Europe “Ingénieur Généraliste” Continuing Education program is part of an approach designed to prepare professionals to become versatile and strategic players, capable of meeting the complex challenges of the 21st century. In practice, it enables French or…

MSc Advanced Design and Management of Durable Constructions

With technological developments and growing concerns about sustainability, the landscape of the construction industry is undergoing a major transformation. Companies can no longer ignore the impact of their activities on the environment, and the integration of sustainable development is becoming…


A PhD is the highest degree awarded at the university and carries international recognition. Training and a degree that represent a major asset for companies, both private and public, with profiles dedicated to research and innovation.

Specialized Master in Positive Energy Building

In line with international global issues and accompanying action plans, such as the French Climate and Resilience, Climate Energy and Energy Transition for Green Growth Acts, the Low-Carbon Strategy, and the French High Council for the Climate, this course aims…

Telecommunications and IT engineer through continuing education

In an environment where information and communication technologies are rapidly evolving and essential to all businesses, IMT Nord Europe is committed to training professionals capable of creating value through in-depth knowledge and understanding of information and communication sciences and technologies.…