After the development of wired transmission, then wireless, today’s telecommunications are experiencing a revolution thanks to electronic and computer networks. Super fast broadband, 5G, the widespread use of smartphones, IoT, OTT… technological evolutions are accelerating and bring with them a whole sector calling on more and more qualified skills.

Numerous career opportunities

Many career opportunities are opening up in this constantly changing market. A telecommunications engineer can work on research, production, maintenance, control, assistance or even the development of both equipment and means of communication. And this can be all over the world and in all types of structures.

Specialised training

At IMT Nord Europe, you can find specialised training in this field, in particular with an engineering course through an apprenticeship in telecommunications and IT. In addition to numerous partnerships forged with major operators in the sector, the school benefits from a Centre for Digital Systems Education, Research and Innovation which works to improve and optimise telecommunications systems. 

Our telecommunications trainings

Artificial intelligence management

Would you like to work in a fast-growing sector and become a key player in innovation? Then the Artificial Intelligence Project Management course is for you ! Artificial intelligence, propelled by the tremendous growth of Big Data, is part of…

Future focus excellence seminars

Learn about major innovations thanks to the Future Focus excellence seminars. The themes selected meet the business needs of manufacturers to support them in their transformations and meet current skills development needs, such as “DevOps”, “Smarcities”, “Air and odours”.

General engineering

You are interested in the engineering degree and it’s a good choice. The profession is at the heart of the major industrial, environmental and societal challenges of our world. The general engineering course allows you to meet these challenges and…

General engineering through continuing education

The IMT Nord Europe “Ingénieur Généraliste” Continuing Education program is part of an approach designed to prepare professionals to become versatile and strategic players, capable of meeting the complex challenges of the 21st century. In practice, it enables French or…


A PhD is the highest degree awarded at the university and carries international recognition. Training and a degree that represent a major asset for companies, both private and public, with profiles dedicated to research and innovation.

Specialized engineer in plastics and composite materials

Develop your expertise in plastics and composite materials, particularly sought after in this high-tech industry. These 3 years of training at IMT Nord Europe will reconcile your theoretical knowledge and practical skills and give you a 5-year degree, accessible through…

Specialized Master in Cybersecurity Engineering

The Specialized Master in Cybersecurity Engineering provides expert training in IT security, enabling students to master the implementation of information system security in companies, from risk identification to the development of security plans designed to protect vital company resources against…

Telecommunications and IT

Imagine a world where the telecommunications and IT systems are down. Unthinkable. This is why the engineering profession plays such a vital role in this sector. This 5-year degree from IMT Nord Europe, accessible through continuing training or an apprenticeship,…

Telecommunications and IT engineer through continuing education

In an environment where information and communication technologies are rapidly evolving and essential to all businesses, IMT Nord Europe is committed to training professionals capable of creating value through in-depth knowledge and understanding of information and communication sciences and technologies.…