IMT Nord Europe students live on a campus and in the heart of a particularly attractive and dynamic region. The city of Lille has earned itself a fantastic reputation among young people. Offering culture, leisure, sports, gastronomy and festivities, there is something for everyone! And to think that the city is only an hour by train from London, Brussels or Paris…  

Culture makes you grow

The region has an exceptional architectural heritage and places great emphasis on culture. Lille sets the standard in this area with its 15 museums, including the Palais des Beaux-Arts, the second in France outside Paris, the Roubaix swimming pool, the Louvre-Lens… The party culture is also in the DNA of the city’s inhabitants with the famous Braderie de Lille, the Main Square Festival, the Dunkirk carnival and the festivities of Lille 3000.

About fifty associations on campus

IMT Nord Europe offers a vibrant and welcoming community too. Student life is coordinated by 4 offices ensuring that everyone settles in and flourishes: Students’ Office, Arts Office, Sports Office and Humanitarian Office. With around fifty associations under their supervision, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! You will also be able to develop transversal skills useful for other school or professional projects (project management, budgeting, communication, etc.). 

Accommodation and social spaces

IMT Nord Europe provides lots of spaces for meeting up to talk and work such as a media library, a cafeteria, a common room, club rooms, etc. 170 apartments are also available to students from the Lille site at the REEFLEX hall of residence located less than 300 meters from the school, and 825 rooms at the Maison des Élèves on the Douai site.