Become an engineer through continuous training

The engineering degree from IMT Nord Europe is available to you through continuous training leading to a degree. It is intended for senior French or foreign technicians holding a scientific or technical 2-year diploma and with at least 3 years of professional experience.



The training includes:

  • a preparatory cycle with a common core and teaching related to one of the areas of the school;
  • an engineering course of 2 academic semesters in Energy and Environment, Materials and Structures, Digital Sciences and Technologies orProcess for Industry and Services;
  • an end of studies project in a company for a period of 6 months.


The admissions tests take place over one day with:

  •  a mathematics oral exam;
  •  a scientific MCQ of your choice: mechanics, electricity, chemistry or IT;
  •  an English MCQ;
  •  an interview with the panel.

To help candidates prepare for the scientific tests, a self-study space is available here:



Admissions service

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