IMT Nord Europe assures its solidarity and its support towards Ukrainian people, and towards all the researchers, teachers and students affected by this war on the European soil.

As a school that embodies Europe and that promotes humanism and an international dynamic, IMT Nord Europe strongly stands for the values of democracy, freedom, mutual respect and justice, which are vital to peace and shared progress.

The school shares the point of view the Conférences des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d’Ingénieurs (CDEFI), which published a message of support for the students and staffs of universities and research institutes in Ukraine.

Our thoughts go to the Ukrainian people, fighting today for freedom. In the name of IMT Nord Europe and of all its communities, I want to assure my greatest support and my solidarity towards the Ukrainian people and towards all the actors joining forces in order to bring back peace and to help impacted populations. Of course, we particularly think about our colleague Dmytro Vasiukov, a Ukrainian researcher at IMT Nord Europe, and his spouse, Uliana, whom family is currently in the eye of the cyclone, in Kharkiv”, says director Alain Schmitt.

In order to send essential goods to Ukraine, a collection will soon be organised within IMT Nord Europe.

To conclude, IMT Nord Europe is ready to welcome and therefore protect Ukrainian academics through PAUSE (a program to help the reception of researchers in situation of emergency). Contacts and processes have already started in order to inform Ukrainians academics who would need this support [more information].