This Saturday 21 may took place the Graduation Ceremony of the 2021 year group. 1200 participants, including 380 alumni were present in Lille Grand Palais – as well as 300 people online – in order to follow this live ceremony. Let’s take a look back at this memorable day.

With Yan Kuszak as a professionnal presenter, the afternoon started with a few words from Alain Schmitt, Dean, from Céline Fasulo, Vice Dean, and from Théophile Sempé, Secretary of the IMT Nord Europe Alumni Association. The patron of the 2021 year group, Anne Thevenet-Abitbol, also sent her “good vibrations” and ther congratulations to the graduate students through a video recorded within the parisian office of Danone, where she serves as a Prospective and New Concepts VP.

For this first edition of the Graduation Ceremony under the name of IMT Nord Europe, each student has been awared with a graduation scarf with our colours : a way to symbolically highlight their new quality of graduate student.

Betrand Bonte, Director of Programs, and Théophile Sempé awarded on stage Mohamed Tahraoui (FISE 2021) with the Oscar Waquet Prize.

Surprise of the afternoon : speaker Philippe Croizon addressed to the students a strong, funny and moving message of hope and resilience. A Rock music band also played live, and the graduate stuents could enjoy a little concert in order to close the event.

The IMT Nord Europe teams was strongly involved in this event, especially the School Office and the Association of the Alumni Association, who welcomed backstage the students in order to deliver in person their diplomas (for the first time), as well as the Alumni directory.

After the official photo of the graduated students, the cocktail started, gathering the graduate students, their parents and close friends, and the IMT Nord Europe teams for a relaxing moment of exchange and shared memories.

The night was dedicated to the gala, organised by the students in Lille Grand Palais under the theme of the Années Folles: more than 800 people participated in the cocktail dinner, (successfully prepared by the school’s restaurant team), in the animations and in the dancing night, that took place all night long.

The Graduation Ceremony of the 2021 year group was a real shared success and has been appreciated by all the participants.

Let’s watch the replay :