Our internationalization strategy is based on the two structuring elements of its environement :

  • IMT Nord Europe is one of the schools of Institut Mines-Télécom. IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) is a public institution dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and digital technology. Always attentive to the economic world, IMT combines academic legitimacy with strong corporate relationships. Its activities are conducted in ten Mines and Télécom graduate schools under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy and Industry, in addition to one subsidiary school and three partner institutions, which are either associates or under contractual agreements
  • I-site ULNE (Lille Nord Europe university) which aim is to create a world-class university. IMT Nord Europe is a close partner of this project.

As a participant of the Erasmus + Program, IMT Nord Europe aims at reinforcing its territorial anchoring in the Euroregion. Strengthening the Northern European positioning of the school is a decision aligned with the management strategy. The geographical proximity, our numerous university partners in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany but also the previous Erasmus programs have already made possible the emergence of dynamic collaborations, such as the creation of a Dual Degree with the Mons Polytechnic University. This partneship provides a unique possibility for our students to follow a hybrid training program in order to become an Engineer-Architect.

Overall, being part of the Erasmus + program is a major opportunity for IMT Nord Europe to further intensify outgoing and incoming mobilities in the framework of exchange programs.but also to develop Dual Degree agreements and joint degrees. These orientations are among the priorities of our international strategy. Thus, our school has been appointed as the project leader for the « development of dual degree agreements » within the international strategy of IMT group. This strategy is based on a study of the politics of outgoing graduating mobilities within the schools of IMT group and on a survey conducted among IMT students. As a result of these actions, a financial and structural support has been set up through the deliverance of grants to reinforce and promote international exchanges. (total amount of 90 000 € under Envelope 2020)

The Erasmus+ program allows a modernization of IMT Nord Europe which is at a turning point of its history following the merger of Telecom Lille and Mines Douai. In accordance with the strategic transformation and development plan 2018-2022, the staff is mobilized in creative and innovative pedagogy applied in an international context. The Erasmus+ program fosters its involvement in transnational cooperation projects.

The new organization of IMT Nord Europe is designed around three Education, Research and Innovation centers (CERI). This restructuring led to the emergence of better identified topics and generated a facilitated international trade. IMT Nord Europe is also aligned with the H2020 European program and supports and participates in the new Horizon Europe program through ambitious objectives for Research and Innovation : scientific excellence, societal issues, especially in the industrial and digital field.