IMT Nord Europe, as a part of the international SUINK Consortium, led by Tekniker and Greenovate! Europe  has been chosen by the European Commission to be a beneficiary of a Horizon Europe grant.

This project aims to design and implement sustainable, flexible, and printable self-charging power systems able to supply power to a wide range of sensors.

In this project, IMT will be the Work Package leader on the manufacturing of a sustainable energy harvesting system, and contribute to the development of piezo-electric materials made from renewable resources.

“Institute Mines-Télécom coordinate SUINK actions related to the manufacturing of the sustainable harvesting system from layer design and assembling techniques to final performance evaluation. Institute Mines-Telecom also specifically contribute to the development of high-performances piezoelectric materials made from renewable resources together with energy-efficient and cost-effective processing techniques.”

Cédric Samuel, Assistant Professor, IMT Nord Europe