The Centre for Materials and Processes of IMT Nord Europe guest edits a Special Issue of the open access journal “Materials” ((IF 3.623, ISSN 1996-1944) dedicated to ‘’Fusion Bonding / Welding of Polymer Composites‘’. Manuscript submission is open until 1st Decembre 2021.

Message from the Guest Editors:

Most of everyday products and industrial structures are made by the assembly of several parts and therefore contain joints. This is the case for example in the aeronautics, railway or automotive industry where polymer composites become more and more popular as lightweight substitutes of metallic materials. Joining of polymer composites may be achieved by different technologies, as in the case of metals. However, one of the greatest driver for thermoplastic composites use is the ability to join components via fusion bonding / welding, which is an attractive alternative to conventional methods – mechanical fastening and adhesive bonding – used to join thermoset composite parts.

Although some methods such as resistance welding or induction welding are quite well established, other technologies, including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, infrared welding or conduction welding, are still at a more or less advanced development stage. One of the challenges is to master the interfacial phenomena, structure and quality in the assembly area (welds), which is rather tricky due to the presence of the reinforcement fibers. The same issues are also to tackle for 3D-printed or overmolded parts. Besides, there is a need for reliable predictive process simulation softwares, and also for increased inline monitoring and control of welding process parameters.

This Special Issue welcomes papers (original research articles, state-of-the art reviews, short communications, perspectives, viewpoint, opinion, concept papers or case reports) on the latest advances and development of fusion bonding / welding of thermoplastic composites (i.e. fiber reinforced thermoplastics). Suggested contributions may address materials, processing, modeling/simulation, monitoring/control, performance or application issues, with either experimental or numerical approaches.

Prof. Dr. Patricia Krawczak

Ass. Prof. Dr. André-Chateau Akué Asséko

Prof. Dr Chung-Hae Park

Guest Editors

Keywords: welding technology, assembly, joining, fusion bonding, resistance welding, induction welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding, infrared welding, conduction welding, infrared welding, microwave welding, extrusion welding, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, overmolding, inline process control, in situ process monitoring, process modeling and simulation, welds properties, polymer composites, advanced composites, thermoplastic composites

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