The Centre for Materials and Processes of IMT Nord Europe guest edits a Special Issue of the open access journal “Materials” ((IF 3.748, ISSN 1996-1944) dedicated to ’Structural Health Monitoring of Polymer Composites‘’. Manuscript submission is open until 20 May 2023.

Message from the Guest Editors:

Nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques are usually used for the characterization of defects arising in composite materials during manufacturing or during in-service use. NDT techniques such as ultrasonic waves, X-ray radiography, X-ray tomography, infrared thermography, and acoustic emission are the most commonly used in various industrial applications. Each of these NDT techniques has its own detection and characterization potential. Thus, depending on the damage mechanism involved, the part geometry, and the in-situ conditions of use, one technique may be preferred over another, or several techniques may be combined in order to improve the diagnosis of the damage state of composite structures and to allow a reliable monitoring of the material’s or component’s structural health in view of in-service performance assessment and residual durability prognosis.

This Special Issue welcomes papers (original research articles, state-of-the art reviews, short communications, perspectives, viewpoint, opinion, concept papers or case reports) on the latest advances and development of non-destructive detection, characterization and health monitoring of structural composite materials and composite structures. Suggested contributions may address materials, processing, sensing/monitoring, modeling/simulation, performance or application issues, with either experimental or numerical approaches. Articles providing guidelines and drawing future perspectives on how structural health monitoring of these materials could evolve in the digital era, taking advantage of artificial intelligence, data fusion and big data, would also be appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Patricia Krawczak

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salim Chaki

Guest Editors


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