MS Circular Economy Engineering

What if we were to establish a new economic model that respects the planet and its limited resources? Especially with professionals capable of successfully bringing energy and ecological transition via the circular economy. This is the challenge of this specialised master’s degree which is accredited by the Conférences des Grandes Écoles.


This training will make you an expert in environmental engineering and the circular economy, able to respond to new ecological challenges, in the fields of sustainable development, eco-innovation and eco-design. It is organised in collaboration with ENSMR (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Rabat).


In all, 442 hours are devoted to theoretical and practical teaching and work projects as part of applied and personalised innovation projects. The training takes place over 12 months. The first semester is devoted to teaching, while the second semester is dedicated to the end of course work placement. Theoretical and practical lessons focus on five teaching units:

TU 1 Resources, Economy and Sustainable Development,

  • General economy,
  • Analysis of economic data
  • Sustainable development and management of natural resources
  • English improvement

TU 2 Circular Economy and Environment,

  • Circular economy
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental regulations and impact study
  • Polluted sites and soils

TU 3 Technology and Industrial Products Co,

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste recovery
  • Eco-innovation and eco-design
  • Digital recycling and reuse management tools
  • Risk management of eco-innovative products

TU 4 Management and management of eco-innovative projects,

  • Project management and supply chain management
  • Management and Marketing of eco-innovative projects
  • Decision-making and economic modelling tools

TU 5 Applied innovation project. 130 hours (IMT Nord Europe site, France)

The objective of this “practical” unit is to train students in the complete management of an applied case study (mini project) incorporating the theoretical elements acquired during the training. Taught jointly by an external professional and teacher-researchers from IMT Nord Europe.


This specialised master’s degree is part of the strong scientific and academic links that exist between IMT Nord Europe and the ENSMR. In addition to the contribution from specialised professionals, several companies support this training such as Neo-Eco, ONHYM (The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines), Managem, Madina Agregats and IDQAC.


At the end of the specialised master’s degree in Circular Economy Engineering, many career possibilities are available to you:

  • Project leader for sustainable development;
  • A21 project leader/territorial climate plan/carbon footprint;
  • Manager of business areas;
  • Eco-design project manager;
  • Environmental project manager;
  • Expert engineer in eco-design;
  • Development leader;
  • Environmental project leader, sustainable development, economic development project leader;
  • Industrial ecological coordinator;
  • Manager of regional activities;
  • Etc.


To be accepted onto the training, you must have: 

  • an Engineering degree accredited by the CTI (5-year degree)
  • a University degree at Masters M2 level (5-year degree)
  • a foreign degree of equivalent level (5-year)
  • an M1 (4-year) or Masters (4-year) level university degree and three years of professional experience

Registration fees vary depending on your status: 50,000 dh including tax in personal financing, 66,000 dh including tax in financing from a professional body, to which an application fee of 400 dh including tax is added

The application pack must be returned by email ( and by mail:

École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Rabat (ENSMR),
Admission Mastère IEC
Rue Hadj Ahmed Cherkaoui, BP. 753 – Agdal Rabat, Maroc

Download candidature file


For the first session, the application deadline is set for early July 2021 with results published in mid-July 2021. The second session is scheduled for mid-September with results announced at the end of September 2021.


Director of the Specialised Masters degree (Douai France site)


+33 (0)3 27 71 24 19

Co-Director of the Specialised Masters degree (Rabat site)

Dr. Ihssan El OUADI

+212 (0)6 61 82 98 42

Administrative contact person