To reconcile sustainable and economic developments, IMT Nord Europe’s Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Materials and Processes (CERI MP) develops technical and scientific expertise centred mainly around civil engineering materials and polymer and composite materials, as well as their implementation by innovative processes.

3 scientific themes

CERI MP’s research focuses on three scientific themes, mainly centred around civil engineering materials and polymer and composite materials:

  • advanced technologies and materials, including the implementation, formulation and characterisation of high-performance structural materials, processes and formulation of functional materials and additive and hybrid prototyping and/or manufacturing;
  • circular economy and eco-materials, including the recovery of secondary, alternative and bio-based materials, environmental acceptability and operational decision-making support;
  • digital materials and processes, including digital materials and mechanics, process / (micro/nano) structure/properties modelling, digital twins of processes and structures. 

CERI MP and training

CERI MP contributes to the training of IMT Nord Europe students, whether in general engineering, engineering by apprenticeship or through specialised masters at regional and international level. This relates to several pathways: Civil Engineering, Plastics Processes and Composite Materials and Mechanical Engineering and Digital Manufacturing. Several MOOCs and SPOCs are available to the public and students alike.