The Centre for Education, Research and Innovation in Energy Environment (CERI EE) conducts academic and technological research at the crossroads of ecological and energy transitions. It focuses on the understanding and modelling of transfer phenomena, whether pollution or heat, from the microscopic scale to the continental scale. The work of the teams consists of the development of experimental methods, the analysis of processes and the design of prototypes.

Fields of intervention

Two scientific fields are covered by CERI EE:

  • Atmospheric Sciences to assess the impact of human activities on outdoor and indoor atmospheres and its impact on air quality, climate change and environmental health;
  • Energy efficiency associated with a streamlined use of raw materials and fossil fuels, paving the way for innovations in multi-sectoral applications for optimised, more efficient and sustainable thermofluidic systems and components.

CERI EE and training

CERI EE contributes to the training of IMT Nord Europe students, whether in general engineering, engineer by apprenticeship or through specialised masters at regional and international level. Several MOOCs and SPOCs are available to the public and students alike.