The study of the Earth’s atmosphere relies on the ability to describe a complex system at very different scales. Its condition influences the activities of modern society and affects the quality of our environment and our health. It is therefore essential to understand all the mechanisms that could provide solutions to the issues and challenges our society faces linked to the atmosphere, such as climate change, biodiversity, air quality, environmental health, etc.

The research area

CERI EE’s research area focuses on the physicochemistry of trace species in the air and its fields of application. They concern both outdoor ambient air (troposphere) and indoor air (premises and confined spaces). The aim is to achieve a better understanding of the processes of generation and transformation of air pollutants and to propose solutions adapted to the needs of society and economic operators.

Several distinctions and references

In 2020, IMT Nord Europe joined the Shanghai world ranking for the theme “Atmospheric Sciences” based on the quantity and quality of its international publications. CERI EE has around ten active patents, demonstrating its ability to promote its research work, particularly to companies. Finally, in 2020, CERI EE became European national centre for the measurement of reactive trace species in ambient air.