In order to support plastics/composites and public works industries through the major industrial transitions of the 21st century, CERI Materials Processes is developing technical and scientific expertise relating to high performance structural materials, functional materials and innovative prototyping/additive and hybrid manufacturing technologies. To meet the expectations industry has of these themes, the CERI MP teams address various technical and scientific challenges. This relates in particular to better understanding and orienting structural-properties correlations through detailed knowledge of structures at the nano-, meso- and macroscopic molecular level of polymer, composite and granular materials as well as expertise in the methods of implementation and treatment of these materials.

Structural materials represent crucial technological building blocks for developing mechanically robust structures and works for many sectors of activity (building, transport, electronics, bio-medical, etc.). Increased performance and reduced costs are expected. In this context, CERI MP’s work on high performance structural materials covers:

  • the optimisation of manufacturing processes and formulations of polymer and composite materials
  • the optimisation of manufacturing processes and formulations of associated granular materials
  • the evaluation of the durability and reliability of these materials to determine the lifespan of these materials in harsh environments

Functional materials relate to the implementation of one or more advanced functionalities within a material. These are strategic materials for developing innovative structures and systems with high added value. CERI MP focuses on the formulation of these materials and their associated processes of transformation into functional parts. CERI MP’s work on functional materials covers:

  • Electroactive materials (electronic/ionic, piezoelectric conductors, etc.)
  • Materials and structures instrumented by integration of sensors
  • Materials for (bio)medical (prostheses, implants, etc.)
  • Architectured, bio-inspired, bio-receptive and self-repairing materials

Finally, many emerging processes are subject to a special focus by CERI MP. More specifically, this involves expertise in the prototyping and manufacturing of parts using additive and hybrid technologies. In this context, CERI MP’s work covers:

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing processes (based on polymers, composites and granular materials)
  • Multi-material/multi-process hybrid assembly processes (co-extrusion, overmoulding, laser welding, etc.)
  • Other emerging processes (hydrothermal solidification, Flash calcination, etc.)


Coordinator : Dr. Cédric Samuel

Project Managers/Contributors

Dr. André Château Akue Asseko / Dr. Abderrahmane Ayadi / Dr. Salim Chaki / Dr. Sébastien Charlon / Dr. Benoît Cosson / Prof. Jean-Luc Harion / Dr. Lahcen Khouchaf / Prof. Patricia Krawczak / Prof. Eric Lafranche / Dr. Mylène Lagardère / Prof. Christine Lors / Prof. Chung-Hae Park / Dr. Modesar Shakoor / Prof. Jérémie Soulestin / Dr. Vincent Thiéry